Bill Maher: Trump won’t leave White House even if he loses in 2020

Written by on June 12, 2019

HBO host Bill Maher told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he believes President Trump will not relinquish the presidency even if he loses in 2020.

“Give me a feel for what you think about, not necessarily predictions, but what do you imagine happening going forward?” Cuomo asked.

“One of those things, to take up your point, that I’ve been talking about for years now—almost three years—that a lot of people are talking about now is that if he loses, Trump, he won’t go. I’ve been saying that since before he got elected, that if he loses the second time, if he loses the coming election—and Michael Cohen said that, Nancy Pelosi echoed, said that, a lot of people now, and I think that we have to worry about,” Maher replied.

Maher also said he believes fascism has already arrived in the United States.

“When the president of the United States is saying that the news is the enemy of the people — I have a dictator checklist that I read on my show sometimes; things that no American president has ever done but this president does. Appointing your family to key government positions? This is banana republic,” he said.

“So you think he wouldn’t leave?” Cuomo asked.

“That is one of them. I absolutely think he will not leave,” Maher said.

Source: Washington Examiner – White House


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